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Like Beck with a probation officer. " Mix Magazine

His sound was described by Elvis Costello and Billy Joel biographer Fred Schruers as "elegant punk".

The Dust Warrior launched the "24 Months of Fury" project in January 2016. Each month he will release a new single. Other tracks will be released as surprise releases, but each month expect a new single. Be sure to visit the website and sign up to the mailing list to get updates on the project.

The Dust Warrior is a Los Angeles based producer and artist. He was the driving force of a trip-hop production duo in New York called Subtech (Durban Poison/Artemis Records) that was described by Mix Magazine as "like Beck with a probation officer". Not much has changed since The Dust Warrior moved to Los Angeles.

The Dust Warrior also writes and performs with the only known US Citizen French Pop-Punk band "Tour de France". Tour de France will be releasing their third album in 2016.

dusty@thedustwarrior.com Is the best way to get a hold of Dusty.